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AL-HAJ FAW MOTORS (PVT) LIMITED reserves the right to change or modify equipment or specifications at any time without any prior notice. Details colors, description and illustrations are for information purpose only. For Further details please check your nearest FAW 3S Dealer.


FAW Logo

FAW Motors, China

FAW Group is a global leader in vehicle manufacturing industry with 50-year history of innovation. The company was founded as “First Automobile Works” in 1953, but is commonly known as FAW. In 1992, the name "First Automobile Works" was changed to "China FAW Group Corporation".

FAW employees 133,000 people around the world, having Products sales in over 70 countries with total sales in access of 7 million world-wide.

FAW started solely as a commercial truck producer and later expanded into light truck & car sector. In 1991, partnership with Volkswagen AG with state-of-the-art automobile factory with an annual production capacity in excess of 150,000 units. In 2002, Tianjin Automobile Industry (Group) Corporation was merged into FAW Group Corporation, and began joint venture production with Toyota Motor Corporation.

FAW's current production strategies put a heavier emphasis on the production of cars while maintaining dominant position in the commercial truck industry.

FAW's has state-of-the-art government-certified engineering development and test center whereas it's R&D facility is China's largest and most extensive automotive R&D facility, claiming to be the country's leader in automobile and commercial vehicle research.

FAW is a diversified maker of quality vehicles and maintains the lead market position within China while continuing to expand into new international markets, executing a carefully planned strategy to build a comprehensive global organization.

FAW products includes:

  • Light Duty Trucks
  • Medium Duty Trucks
  • Heavy Duty Trucks
  • Passenger Cars, SUVs & MPVs.
  • Municipal Buses
  • Luxury Tourist Coaches
  • Custom Bus Chassis &
  • Mini Vehicles

FAW has 28 wholly owned subsidiaries and controlling interest in 18 partially owned subsidiaries & Joint Ventures.

Wholly Owned Subsidiaries:

  • FAW Jiefang Truck Co. Ltd.
  • FAW Bus & Coach Co. Ltd.

Limited Liability Companies:

  • FAW Car Company Limited.
  • Tianjin FAW Xiali Automobile Company Limited.
  • Changchun FAW Sihuan Automobile Company Limited.

Joint Ventures:

  • FAW - Volkswagen
  • FAW - Toyota
  • FAW - Mazda
  • FAW - GM.