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In recent years, FAW in Pakistan has experienced tremendous growth because of our mid-and long-term vision of "Customer First". FAW has been chosen as one of the most trustable vehicle for every terrain and for all type of heavy loading because of the technology and performance.

We aim to become the leading automobile company in Pakistan, providing products and services that are unrivaled in quality. We have built a company in which all employees interact on the basis of responsibility and autonomy via clear-cut goals and devotion to AHFM.

AHFM believes in providing best value for money to its customers. Complete customers' satisfaction is our cherished goal. There is a constant endeavor at all levels of the organization to better the company's performance by offering upgraded range of its products and services.

Our vision is to be a 'Leader' in the heavy automobile industries fields. We are aware that we will need to make long strides and give a remarkable effort to translate our vision into a concrete reality. As the key to achieving our vision, we will steadfastly adhere to our core business philosophy of “Customer First”.

I attribute our success to the support provided by our Customers, Principals, Dealers, Vendors, and of course the dedicated Employees for which I am deeply grateful.

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Hilal Khan Afridi